Tempe Dispensary Harvest of Arizona Expands to California

Harvest Enterprises Expanding to California
Harvest Enterprises is expanding its already large footprint into California’s cannabis market. The company’s operations will be expanding to Moreno, Merced and Napa Valley California as a result of license applications being successful and strategic acquisitions. Harvest holds over 40 licenses in eight states making them extremely experience cannabis operators and the U.S.’s largest holders of licenses.

How Harvest Is Entering Wine Country

Controlling interest of a Napa dispensary, that the name is being changed to Harvest of Napa, was acquired in order to enter the wine country. Riverside County’s Moreno Valley located close to Redlands, a university town, and adjacent to Riverside is where Harvest was awarded a license for one of the eight dispensaries in the area. The application process is competitive but they managed one of only four licenses for dispensaries located in Merced.

Harvest Enterprises in Arizona

Harvest was founded in Arizona receiving the first license for the state during 2012 and having operations there since. Harvest is the country’s third largest medical cannabis market, Arizona’s largest market and one of the world’s oldest regulated markets for cannabis. The company built on the success experienced in Arizona the company has consistently increased its revenues and footprint in the industry. The company is currently in seven states with California becoming the eighth and has plans to continue expansion through 2020. The company is attempting to increase the efforts to expand by seeking opportunities to acquires brands and additional retail opportunities in strategic areas of the market.

Harvest Enterprises Standards, Products, Philanthropy

*Quality, safety and health standards are high for production, growth and sales of both products and medicines from cannabis.
*Cannabis flower
*Cannabis oil
*Dream Steam vaporizer pens: for safely inhaling medical cannabis
*Donations of over $500,000 to patients, children, seniors, veterans and other recipients

Background of Harvest Enterprises Inc

*Founding 2011
*Over 250 employees
*Currently licensed in eight states
*Plans to expand into more by 2020

Harvest a local Tempe AZ dispensary Enterprise has one of the largest footprints in the United States. It is vertically integrated and was one of the first cannabis companies to see a consistent profit. The company has retail facilities, real estate, construction, cultivation, manufacturing, and operational expertise. They have in house legal experts, marketing and HR teams along with experts in the area of writing grant applications that win. The employees have the knowledge and experience to easily enter into new markets. The executive team is diverse with leaders of real estate, operations compliance, and finance. Both the public and the media are given timely updates as part of the regular business practices.