Tempe AZ Based Harvest Inc Approved For Marijuana Cultivation License In Ohio

Harvest Inc. was recently awarded a Level 1 license for cultivation by the state of Ohio. The Arizona-based company will now be allowed to cultivate 25,000 square feet of space to produce medical cannabis. Harvest is among 12 companies out of 109 applicants to receive the cultivation license. The company was also the only one of the twelve to have two applications approved.

Harvest began operations in 2013. The company already possessed locations in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, and Illinois. Ohio will make the sixth state in which the company operates. The facilities maintained by Harvest have produced more than 50,000 pounds of medical grade marijuana and provided relief to thousands of patients across the country.

Steve White, Harvest Dispensary Chief Executive Officer, explains the company was founded with the single mission of improving the lives of patients. This objective is accomplished when patients are able to take a proactive approach to their own health and well-being. White says Harvest contributes by producing high-quality medical marijuana for patient use.

White continues by saying the provisional license afforded to Harvest by the state of Ohio is a stamp of approval for the company’s business model. He says it feels good to know the approach the company has taken for more than five years in their effort to provide patients in need with cannabis is appreciated.

Harvest President Jason Vedadi says that the recent Ohio success is an encouragement to Harvest to continue in its drive to shape the future of the medical marijuana industry in Phoenix Arizona and America.

About Harvest

The Harvest mission is to grow and distribute the highest quality medical grade cannabis while providing a safe and respectable environment for patients to obtain their medications. Harvest is the sole American company to hold certifications for cultivation, distribution, and harvesting from the Americans For Safe Access group.