Tempe AZ Based Harvest Inc Approved For Marijuana Cultivation License In Ohio

Harvest Inc. was recently awarded a Level 1 license for cultivation by the state of Ohio. The Arizona-based company will now be allowed to cultivate 25,000 square feet of space to produce medical cannabis. Harvest is among 12 companies out of 109 applicants to receive the cultivation license. The company was also the only one of the twelve to have two applications approved.

Harvest began operations in 2013. The company already possessed locations in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, and Illinois. Ohio will make the sixth state in which the company operates. The facilities maintained by Harvest have produced more than 50,000 pounds of medical grade marijuana and provided relief to thousands of patients across the country.

Steve White, Harvest Dispensary Chief Executive Officer, explains the company was founded with the single mission of improving the lives of patients. This objective is accomplished when patients are able to take a proactive approach to their own health and well-being. White says Harvest contributes by producing high-quality medical marijuana for patient use.

White continues by saying the provisional license afforded to Harvest by the state of Ohio is a stamp of approval for the company’s business model. He says it feels good to know the approach the company has taken for more than five years in their effort to provide patients in need with cannabis is appreciated.

Harvest President Jason Vedadi says that the recent Ohio success is an encouragement to Harvest to continue in its drive to shape the future of the medical marijuana industry in Phoenix Arizona and America.

About Harvest

The Harvest mission is to grow and distribute the highest quality medical grade cannabis while providing a safe and respectable environment for patients to obtain their medications. Harvest is the sole American company to hold certifications for cultivation, distribution, and harvesting from the Americans For Safe Access group.

Fashion and Backpain in the closet

Every woman knows that how good she looks in her mile-high stilettos comes at an equally high cost – aching feet. But, did you know that high-heeled shoes can also cause back pain? And, that’s not the only culprit in your wardrobe that could be causing your back pain.

The Statistics

• According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the leading cause of disability for those under 45-years-old is back pain.

• According to the American Spinal Decompression Association, low back pain affects at least 80% of people within their lifetime. It’s an annual cost of $90 billion in health care expenses, and is second the second leading cause of time loss at work.

• Respondents from a National Institute of Health Statistics survey reported that the most common pain they suffered was low back pain.

How Can Your Wardrobe Cause Back Pain?

Many types of clothing alter or limit your body’s natural range of motion by being too tight, stiff, constricting, or weighted. Others alter your posture or change your gait. In either case, it ultimately causes a strain on your neck, spine, and shoulders. Fashion is fabulous and all, but some choices just may not be worth the health consequences. Here are eight of the worst offenders that you may want to rethink as staples in your wardrobe:

1. Strapped Halter Tops

Oh, how cute and cool for the summer months. Sadly, that cute little strap around the neck is pushing your neck forward and out of its natural alignment. The result is neck strain. This is particularly true for women with larger cup sizes who forgo wearing a strapless bra with the top. The full weight of the breasts are then entirely supported via the neck strap.

2. Pencil Skirts

Sexy, stylish, and sliming… the pencil skirt is a must-have in the working woman’s closet. However, these skirts affect gait by pushing the knees further inward and restricting full range of motion. Over time, this restriction can cause muscle, disc, and ligament damage to the back.

3. Heeled Shoes

Every step you take in a heeled shoe is a slap to the back. Heels change your posture and gait. As you walk in a heel, your toe is hitting the ground first, which isn’t the natural heel-strike of how humans naturally walk. The toe-strike tilts the pelvis and buttocks to compensate, which stresses the lower back by hyper-arching the spine. With prolonged wear, this can eventually lead to sciatica.

Research has shown that the height of heel isn’t the only culprit. The width of the heel also causes back problems. Narrower heels have a smaller surface area to hold the entire weight of the body. The narrower the heel, the more it throws off your balance and stability.

Tip: Wedges and sneakers are a better alternative when walking distances or standing for extended periods of time. You can always bring your heels along and slip them on when needed.

4. Heavy Necklaces

Large, bulky, and heavy jewelry pieces are fine in small doses, especially if you’re mindful of your posture – ears up, shoulders back. But, wearing these statement pieces on a daily basis pulls your neck forward and down, which misaligns your body and causes neck fatigue.

5. Bags

According to the American Chiropractic Association, your handbag shouldn’t be heavier than 10% of your body weight. When you think about all that goes into diaper bags, purses, briefcases, and such, 10% doesn’t leave you a lot of room for non-essentials and it sure doesn’t allow most people to fill up a suitcase-like designer bag.

Overloading strap bags can cause stress to you neck and shoulder. Both handbags and bags with a shoulder strap throw off your weight to the side it’s carried, which stresses that entire side of the body from your back to your knees and feet. Your body automatically reacts by hiking up your weighted shoulder and tightening your un-weighted shoulder, which causes universal muscle fatigue and your spine to curve toward the weighted side.

Tips: the wider the strap, the more evenly the weight of the bag is distributed across the shoulder. Backpack configurations carry loads most evenly. Routinely alternate the side you carry handbags or shoulder strap bags.

6. Tight or Skinny Jeans

If your pant is so stiff or tight that it restricts your knees, pelvis, or thighs, then they’re no doubt affecting your gait and posture. You’re likely shifting your spine back as your breathing is more restricted. Restrictive gaits create undue stress on joints because the limited range of motion causes the shock of each step you take to be absorbed improperly or in the wrong places. You sit awkwardly to compensate for too tight jeans. The list goes on, but you get the point that too-tight jeans go beyond just being uncomfortable.

7. Unsupportive Bras

Sleek sexy bras with thin straps may look fantastic on the runway model wearing it all of 15 seconds on her tiny cup cleavage, but for the average woman wearing it all day and supporting a full chest, they’re a recipe for back pain. Thin straps don’t allow for the weight of the cleavage to be dispersed. Instead, the weight centers on the strongest point of the strap – the top of the shoulder. With wear, your shoulder muscles are dragged down and fatigued, which throws off your balance, posture, and gait.

8. Too Tight Shapewear

Note that this is shapewear that’s too tight. When appropriately sized, shapewear actually engages your core muscles and encourages you to use them vs your back muscles. The problem comes when the shapewear is too small and restricts your core and pelvic muscles, which makes you almost completely rely upon back muscles.

Everything in moderation, right? These types of back and neck injuries occur over time and with frequent and prolonged exposure. So, don’t throw your heels out the window or rip your pencil skirt up for dish rags. Just don’t make these back, neck, and spine stressors a staple of your wardrobe that’s worn daily.


Top 10 Reasons for Removing a Tattoo

Top 10 Reasons for Removing a Tattoo

Our team at Sound Tattoo Removal has compiled a list over the past few months of the most popular reasons our clients and supporters have given for seeking tattoo removal. We realize by no means is this a comprehensive list that covers the multitude reasons individuals have for seeking tattoo removal. However, it does give a glimpse into some of the common rationale behind the decision process

10. A Flat-out Bad Tattoo – Nothing will turn the dream of getting a tattoo into a nightmare faster than a mistake or poor quality. There are a million reasons why tattoos fail, but the bottom line is who wants to be stuck with a spelling error or art that looks like it was done by a drunken toddler?

9. A Faded Worn-out-looking Tattoo – Whether you’ve spent too much time in the sun or the tattoo was never properly done in the first place, a faded tattoo is unsightly and can actually make you appear older than you really are. Since the tattoo is already halfway removed anyway, you might as well have the job finished professionally.

8. Breakups – Love is a gamble, and so is getting a tattoo to commemorate a significant other. If things don’t work out you are stuck with a constant reminder of heartbreak; not to mention it could make things awkward for your next relationship.

7. Passing Fad – Some trends stand up to the time better than others. While you may still get compliments on you vintage Star Wars tattoo, your Myspace sleeve? Not so much.

6. Military Duty – In order to enlist and serve in the military there a myriad of rules and regulations depending on each particular branch and occupation. Check out our blog covering tattoos and the military, for more information click here. LINK(http://tattooremovalseattle.com/blog/tattoos-and-the-military)

5. Career Change – You may have originally gotten that cool neck tattoo in college to make a statement. Now that same tattoo is making the wrong kind of statement to potential employers and clients. Depending on your field, visible tattoos can decrease your appearance of professionalism.

4. Parenting – Nothing will change a person’s outlook on life faster than having children. Whether you want to set a certain type of example for your kids or have simply lost interest due to your priorities changing, tattoos are often causalities of family life.

3. Bigger Better Tattoo – The time has come for that major piece you have always wanted and you need to make some space. Removing or lightening an old tattoo in order to utilize an area of skin for an upgraded tattoo is becoming an increasingly common practice now a days.

2. Spouse/Significant Other Hates It – Marriage and long-term relationships can be challenging enough without having to bicker about an eyesore tattoo, especially if said tattoo is the name or symbol of an ex-lover (see reason 8).

1. Don’t Want It Anymore – Maybe you were intoxicated? Maybe the tattoo artist was intoxicated? Who knows? You may have loved a tattoo for years, even decades; whatever the reason may be, sometimes tattoos simply reach their expiration date.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer for getting a tattoo removed. Life is too short to be stuck having to “just live with” an unwanted tattoo. Our licensed Master Aestheticians at Sound Tattoo Removal incorporate the latest laser technology, in conjunction with a lidocaine pain reducing gel, to remove any tattoo as quickly and comfortably as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.